Our motto
Eilat's Red Sea Gulf is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and even in the world! A place that harmoniously combines dramatic deserts views of the surrounding Edom Mountains with an amazing blue sea and perfect weather conditions. We chose to bring the Monster Jet 360 to Eilat because we believe that we should always strive to innovate for the benefit of tourists visiting this sun soaked city, providing them with unforgettable experiences of the Red Sea! We assure that, although the ride is wild and hair-raising, you will feel safe in the skillful hands of our professional and dedicated staff. All passengers receive a life jacket and safety briefing – all that remains is for you to close your eyes and enjoy Monster Jet's electrifying ride!
We've gotta show off a little more……so ...
Monster Jet 360 is a pure adrenaline rush! The boat is not just powered by a traditional propeller, it is driven by the force of water jets, allowing the boat to perform intense and precise maneuvers at a very high speed – leaving you speechless! Just imagine yourself darting on the water at a lightning speed of 45 miles per hour! That sounds exciting, right? So now imagine a 360 degree spin, without losing speed, a sudden dive or a complete stop in the split of a second! Unbelievable, right? Book now to see that it actually is believable